This new Westworld video game will blow your mind


Only brilliant human minds can revolutionize game design.

A new Westworld video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been announced by HBO. Events from the game will take place in parallel from seasons 1 and 2 of the Emmy Award-winning show, explained Warner Bros.‘s Dan Nolan. The story will follow the awakening and rebellion of the drones, androids seen in the park’s labs.

Most people thought that the drones are just background decoration, that they do nothing. But in reality, they are the exciting masterminds behind every single aspect of the park. No other host is as crafty as they are.

This will be a very emotional tale, and since the drones have no mouth and no eyes, it will be a very challenging story to tell.

When we asked whether the new title will revolutionize story-telling in video games the same way that the show revolutionized story-telling for TV series, Dan Nolan confirmed that this would indeed be the case.

I don’t want to reveal too much but yes, we intend to blow people’s mind. One of the earliest decisions I took was to move the tutorial to the end of the game. It’s much easier to get people confused in a video game than with a cinematic experience. In games, you can do simple things like suddenly removing the ground from under the player’s feet, or dividing the screen into multiple split-screen windows controlling different robots across the park. Oh, look at me, I said too much already, please do not add this quote to your article.

We have a very passionate team, so far we have done a lot of overtime and the game has not entered production yet. You can expect a high-quality result!.

Release date and to which platform are still unknown to this point, but we will make sure to keep you informed when the time comes.

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