Stores war escalates: Disney announces Disney- with new Star Wars titles


The Star Wars license having recently been revoked from Electronic Arts (EA) due to not having made the character of Rey unbeatable in Battlefront II, the Disney company has now decided to develop its own games internally, and to release them on its own dematerialized platform, Disney –.

You can expect to see Star Wars 1313, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Episode 9: The Return of the Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars: Force Hologram Racer as Disney‘s flagship titles. The next Spider-Man should also be a heavy-hitter scheduled to release on this new platform, but the most surprising is yet to come: the company announced a batch of exclusives to compete with the Epic Games Store. Indeed, Borderlands 3, Sekiro 3 No More Shadows, New Super Mario Bros 3, Half-Life 3 and Wolfenstein 3: The Next Justice have all been announced on the mouse’s store.

In order to understand these choices, we interviewed Mickey Mouse, whose exclusive comments you will find below:

With all these games on our service, we will be rich! Rich! Haha!

I mostly need money to recruit people who scratch my ears. There is a lot of dirt behind, I constantly need individualized care. But when it tickles too much, I may bite, haha! It does not show on cartoons and merchandise, but in fact, I have teeth like sharks, haha! When I bite, it can be quite a mess, and people do not come back to work for Disney anymore. That’s why I constantly need more revenue, so that we can hire new scrapers and quash the lawsuits. Haha!

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