Spyro the Dragon will be joining Game of Thrones cast


In a attempt to shed his kid-friendly image, Spyro is willing to get dirty.

Spyro the Dragon is back in the spotlight since the success of his Reignited Trilogy, an excellent remake that was hailed by audience and critics alike. However, Spyro does not intend to stop his return to form here, as he confided in us in this exclusive interview.


When I was only a mere baby dragon, I was a mascot for the Sony PlayStation. Everyone associated me with kid-friendly content; once my own show was over, my next gig was a role in the Skylanders franchise, a series aimed at a very young audience. Since then, I have never managed to get a role in adult games. This has been extremely frustrating.


I’m 20 years old now! Ok, in dragon years it’s more like 12, but I am sick of being kid-friendly! I want to burn people to a crisp, devour their limbs and feast on their entrails! No more Mr. Nice Dragon. The next one who says I’m cute, I will come to their house and maul their whole family!


I thought that the best way to change my image was to get a role in a mature show, such as Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones crew was instantly delighted by my initiative, as there are not so many dragons willing to get a role in such a dangerous show. To lower production costs, all stunts will be performed without the use of CGI, but  I don’t care! I will show the world that I can be just as fearsome as my uncle Smaug!


A scene that I am very eager to shoot is the mating between Rhaegal and me (Rhaegal is one of Daenarys Targaryen’s dragons). I have been into this beauty ever since she came out of the egg. She’s 7 years old now, so 3 in dragon years, but damn, those scales are just asking to be pounded!

It is reported that George R. R. Martin, writer of Games of Thrones, was seen rubbing his hands together with glee, mumbling something along the lines of “I know the perfect death, that fool will suffer”.

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