Prank gone wrong: he sent the SWAT after himself


A teen tried to have his rival killed, only to have his scheme backfire on him.

PORTRAIT. Jake’s parents always said that their son was a bad seed. “Whenever I heard screams coming from his room, I hoped that he was with a girl. But no, each time I entered the room I saw that he was always playing violent games. Each time he died in these stupid virtual worlds, he screeched like a possessed koala. Most evenings, I could hear him non-stop. Awful,” confided his mother. “I asked him which game he wanted me to buy for his birthday; he had the choice between Fortnite, Warframe, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. He chose Call of Duty. I am so ashamed,” said Mr. Turnipper.

SWATTING. Two months ago, Jake Turnipper learned of an infamous technique to get back at people that are too hard to beat with virtual bullets. Called “Swatting”, it consists in finding the address of someone’s home and then calling the police to lead them to believe that a dangerous crime is in progress. Most often, a SWAT team is dispatched to the provided address, and they subsequently pacify the threat with their assault rifles.

STORY. On December 1st, Jake had had enough of being killed by “Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666” in his favorite game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that he was playing with a virtual reality (VR) headset. After a thorough investigation on social media, he discovered that Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666 was, in fact, George Shrub, a retired painter in Texas. Armed with this information, he called the police while he was playing a match against Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666, looking forward to hear his opponent cry into the microphone. Once he was connected to an operator, Jake claimed that his mother had dropped his toothbrush in the toilets before putting it back on the sink counter, as if nothing had happened. For this reason, he picked up his revolver, and he was now on his way to shoot her. Alarmed by the gravity of the situation, the police asked him where he lived. That’s when Jake’s plan derailed.

As he was using a VR headset, he forgot that he had written down Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666’s address on a piece of paper in front of him. Instead, by reflex, he gave his own address and did not realize his mistake until the SWAT team came barging into his house. At first, they arrested his mother for defiling his toothbrush, and then four heavily armed officers approached his room while Jake was being hunted down by Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666. Caught up in the game, he yelled: “I will kill you, motherfucker!” The SWAT team assumed that they were facing a dangerous maniac; they burst open the door while shooting in all directions. The scream they heard made they blood curdle for many nights to come.

Dark-Pr0-g4mer-666 had just gunned down Jake, who was now rolling on the floor, screaming his lungs out in rage and defeat. At that very moment, Jake had narrowly escaped death. Since then, he learned his lesson: he only uses his VR headset while lying on the floor.

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