Pewdiepie acquires Roblox to force developers to unban him from the game


Following a Roblox live stream in which Pewdiepie was caught violently tackling a one-legged orphan kid and then laughing at his misfortune, the Youtube superstar was banned from the free-to-play game Roblox. Roblox is a popular online massively multiplayer game in which anyone can create a custom mini-game, and is often compared to Minecraft with a bigger scope. Fans showed support to their idol inside the game world and starting shouting “Sub to Pewdiepie” or create garments and ads with that slogan, which irked the developers at Roblox Corporation. Anyone mentioning Pewdiepie was shortly banned from the game.

Humiliated, Pewdiepie subsequently bought Roblox Corporation and banned all personnel from entering the company building. He replaced the staff with trained chimpanzees and changed all avatars of the game with characters made to his likeness (see above for male and female models). He also unlocked his previously banned account and gave it admin god-like powers, before burning any player mentioning his nemesis the YouTube channel T-series.

The Roblox community has welcomed this surprising change of direction, as the new team has been very active in hunting down every single bug that they could find (also known as “fleas” in Roblox lore). However, all game transactions have now to be paid in bananas, and the fruits have proved recalcitrant to be pressed inside electronic components.

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