Parents in panic as Fortnite lowers IQ of kids


Video games are once again in the spotlight for harming the mental health of our youth.

A group of researchers at Oakley University, well known for their breakthrough publications proving that video games increase violence and aggressivity, have recently demonstrated something that no one thought possible before: playing Fortnite decreases the IQ of its players at a rate of about 1 point per month.

They also found that games like The Sims increase IQ by 2 points per year and Grand Theft Auto V divides IQ by 0.9 every day the game is played. Already, top college students have started sinking hours in The Sims to get more straight As.

The Sims Stupid Smart Intelligent IQ

Armed with this precious knowledge, angry parents have started to force their kids to uninstall Fortnite and instead play The Sims. Some went as far as to bash their kids’ skulls until they were smart enough to comply.

The team of researchers is already working on a new incredible study, proving that eating pizza leads to Satanism.

What effect did video games have on you?
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