Nintendo is planning a remake of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch


The Japanese firm Nintendo has made the habit of producing remakes of its older The Legend of Zelda episodes. Since this is a very lucrative business, they would be wrong to stop at the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake; that is why Shunsanto Fukushima, CEO of Nintendo, announced a remake to Breath of the Wild scheduled to release on Switch around Christmas 2019.

94% of Switch owners have announced their delight during a recent survey, and they are particularly charmed by the new art style chosen for the remake. The story has been slightly modified, and it seems that the Kingdom of Hyrule has suffered tiny issues with radioactive waste leaking all over the land, adding secondary objectives to our hero Link. Indeed, the young elf will be tasked to clean everything by storing the contaminated materials in his bag and his boots.

Link Zelda Wednesdaywolf Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch
art by Wednesdaywolf
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