Japan: Incidents in the streets over Eevee Tamagotchi


The death toll so far is 28 as people tried to escape one glitched toy.

The 90s are coming back in full force. Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee & Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu take trainers back to Kanto, the region of Pokémon Blue and Red that marked the start of the first Pokémon adventure. Back then, another kind of pocket monster was an intense but short-lived trend: the Tamagotchi (“egg watch”). These toys are handheld digital pets that require constant care: feeding, cleaning, playing and cuddling. Bandai partnered with Nintendo to make a new line of Tamagotchi, Eevee Tamagotchi. This official combination is a first, and also a perfect nostalgia storm.

Eevee Plushies are too cute.

While the toy will only be released next year in the rest of the world, it launched this week in Japan and became a massive hit : almost everyone in the archipel currently owns one. Besides the ability to interact with your Pokémon much more than through the video games, Eevee also has the capacity to evolve in a new exclusive form. Problem is, one little girl’s Eevee suffered a bug as it evolved into something much more sinister: a glitched Eevee. Mitsuko’s glitched Eevee became immortal, and worse than that: while modern Tamagotchi send Wifi greeting signals to other machines in the vicinity, Mitsuko’s Eevee sends death commands. Any contaminated pocket monster keeps dying over and over again after leaving its egg, and it’s heartbreaking for their owner. Mitsuko’s Eevee was named “Shinigamee”, and is now a source of terror in the streets.

Mitsuko has been sighted in the area, residents flee from their home.

Whenever Mitsuko shows up, her arrival is followed by the screams of those who witness the live death of their Pokémon. This usually causes a wave of panic; pedestrians and motorists both flee the scene in a disorderly manner, creating accidents. So far, 8 people were ran over and 20 people died from being trampled by Tamagotchi owners. Due to the public unrest caused by these events, the police is now actively hunting Mitsuko, who is currently on the run as the most wanted person in Japan. We hope that they catch her soon, before the death toll rises even further.

It’s crazy to think that the seemingly kid-friendly Pokémon are an important cause of death.

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