A game based on The Emoji Movie was just announced, developed by BioWare


The fall of BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KOTOR, Anthem) is not over yet. Since the developer’s latest games were not as successful as it had hoped, its publisher Electronic Arts (EA) gave BioWare one last chance in the form of a very promising task: making a game from the hit movie The Emoji Movie, featuring those adorable little critters who live inside our phones. The animation masterpiece was rated 11/10 on The Simulation Cinema, a journal renowned for its integrity.

In order to give BioWare the best chance for success, EA asked PopCap (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare) to lend a hand to the studio. In addition, a charter of mandatory features should help inspire BioWare:

  • The Emoji Movie: The game will necessarily be multi-player, for an audience of 3 years old and over. 🧒🏼
  • The charming little round heads will have at their disposal terrifying water pistols 🔫 whose improvements will be found in loot boxes.
  • Staying in “commercial” areas with certain known apps like Pornhub or Budweiser will slowly reload your guns. 😏
  • The title will be cross-platform, with players on PC, iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox One and PS4 battling on the same servers. 👯‍♀️
  • Players who have forgotten to return to the game for more than 4 hours will receive poop emojis on their phone every 15 minutes.💩
  • Cheaters will be punished by having to watch the whole movie twice before being able to return to the game.🙅🏼‍♂️
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