Fortnite will remove problematic content (sex and gore) to comply with China’s ethics board (other games are concerned)


In order to comply with the Chinese market, some video games will have to remove indecent content.

Behind Fortnite‘s cartoonish graphics hides the blackened heart of depravity. Many parents were already suspecting that the famous Battle Royale game was bad for the mental health of their innocent children, but the full extent of the corruption has now been made official. While usually the vast majority of governments does not dare censor problematic content in games (such as gambling in the form of loot boxes), only one heroic government finally had the guts to stand up to the dubious morals that have tainted our games: China. Indeed, the newly formed Ethics Committee has been reviewing several games in order to consider whether they were adequate for the Chinese market, and it came to the conclusion that Fortnite was way too bloody and that its female characters were much too alluring. The worst offenders were the dancing emotes, as ridiculous Fortnite dance moves have been spreading among kids at the speed of a horrifying viral disease.

Epic Games apologized for the shocking violence in their product aimed primarily at a young audience and announced that all female characters will be removed, as well as any violent content featured in the game. There will be no more blood gushing after an attack. All guns, rifles, and explosives will be deleted by the developers, and the pickaxes will be strictly limited to harvesting trees and turning them into clean coal.

Red Dad Redemption and its powerful bubble gun revolver

Pokémon is currently under review, as the series has been known for its extreme cases of violence. It is predicted that Pokémon nails will be filed so that the basic attack Claw can be replaced with a less lethal Hug. God of War might see a new release in China under the name God of Peace, revolvers will be replaced by bubble guns in Red Dad Redemption 2, and both games will emphasize a charming story of filial piety.

It goes without saying that we fully support China’s endeavor in regulating the wild video games market. However, we can also be proud that the games industry is starting to align their outdated ethics on China’s better morality, rather than simply taking the easy way out and adding sex or violence for the sake of making more money.

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