Fortnite stream with Kim Kardashian and Rick & Morty did not go well


Justin Roiland was drunk and made Kim Kardashian undress.

Following the Fallout 76 stream with Rick & Morty, voice actor Justin Roiland landed a much more impressive gig: Epic Games organized a Fortnite live broadcast with famous entertainer Kim Kardashian and Rick & Morty. While all the ingredients for a successful stream were there, things did not go well for two main reasons.

  • Kim Kardashian had never played an action video game in her whole life. She mentioned being boss at Candy Crush Saga, but she had trouble orienting herself with twin sticks, whereas Justin Roiland was very proficient with keyboard & mouse. This made things worse for Kim, as matchmaking sent them both on keyboard & mouse servers and she always died within a few minutes of landing from the party bus, leaving Justin Roiland alone against the 98 other players populating the map.
  • Secondly, Justin Roiland was particularly drunk and started insulting Kim and pestered her to remove her clothes. Kim Kardashian complained until out of boredom she complied, suddenly removing all her clothes. Organizers shut the stream before too much was revealed.

Fortnite fans were angry that the duo never went higher than 10th place, and that was when Justin Roiland temporarily left the stream. He was busy vomiting in the bathroom while his character and Kim’s were standing still way out of the action. Eventually, the storm caught on to them and slowly deplete their life while she refused to move away alone.

In case you missed the live broadcast, here are some quotes (censored due to strong language):

Oh god, this is harder than learning to sing with the flu. Which button is it to move forward?

Wait, you need both hands for this? Here, I am dead, I can finally use my phone, thank you very much.

Man, won’t you stop yelling? I am doing what I can here. Who cares about this game. I have enough money, my agent shouldn’t have accepted this promotion.

I’d rather slice my throat and get knocked up by a bum than playing this one more time and listening to this *******. Can we do something else already?

*burp* Hey, did you see that dumbass coming at me with a pickaxe? I killed that stupid ****, I ****ing killed him, I made his brains go splash.

Wait no, no no no. This game has no ****ing blood, who made this ****, what I am, a toddler?

Hey, does anyone have a Schlimpokitidu? I need a Schlimpokitidu, like right now. Anyone? No? ****ing useless tools. *burp*

Kim, you see that chick over there? Now you aim with your sniper rifle and you put a bullet right in her ponytail.

Holy **** what are you, stupid? Are you telling me that you are ****ing stupid?

When you were a kid, someone pickled your brain, and now it’s still canned in your head. I think the expiration date was yesterday.

Kim. Kim. Between you and me, I often ********** while thinking of you. And then I **** very hard. Right, right Morty?

Woah Rick, that’s crazy, because me too!

Come on *****, show me your boobs, I know you want to ****. Take your top off, I said!

Oh **** she is doing it, she is really doing it, everyone, look! Quick, get your ***** out of your pants, it is time! *burp*

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