Final Fantasy XV scrapped in favor of mobile FF XVI with Battle Royale mode


No more car road trips, all aboard the multi-player slaughtertrain.

Final Fantasy XV‘s story will come to an abrupt end. During an investors’ meeting, Square Enix announced that the ending DLCs would be scrapped. Long-time series director Harambe Mikadoma of Luminous Productions was fired by parent company Square Enix for “insisting on single-player RPGs that make their players feel good”. Further cementing these declarations, Square Enix CEO Yoshita Marioka demanded that Final Fantasy finally joins the modern era of multi-player Battle Royale games such as industry titans PUBG and Fortnite.

What players want is clear, they want Battle Royale games. Final Fantasy XVI will be a Battle Royale game, or it won’t be. Harambe Mikadoma insisted on keeping FFXV single-player, so he had to go.

Noctis is ridiculous anyway. Who cares what he had for breakfast?

I can already picture hundreds of players riding the battlefield on Chocobos, hitting each other with gigantic swords! That’s the story we want to focus on, not road trips about a bunch of useless teenagers!

Additional comments hint at the future of Square Enix games :

For our next games, we will shift focus towards the mobile version, our best developers are working towards this goal.

All points towards a Final Fantasy XVI multi-player game with a Battle Royale mode, scheduled to release on iOS and Android.

As to Harambe Mikadoma who stepped down as director of the Final Fantasy series, he expressed his desire to spend the remainder of his life raising goats in mountain pastures.

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