Deception: Overwatch league pro player was an NSA spy


Not everyone is who they seem.

It appears that the Overwatch pro scene has no oversight over the true identity of its contenders and was infiltrated by numerous individuals with dubious intents. That’s what the National Security Agency (NSA) realized. According to one of its contractors tasked with spying electronic communications, dangerous terrorists used the game as a virtual chatroom to train and rehearse their vicious attacks. Sentences such as “Blow them up! Blow them up!” or “Yes, we reached the point! Watch that payload explode!” were duly noted and transmitted to the rightful authorities, who later gave the agency the authorization to conduct a larger investigation.

Special agent Sean Pond was dispatched, and he practiced day and night to master the virtual character Reaper under his codename “Eagle”. Eventually, he managed to be recruited by the professional team Second Wrath that was involved in some of the compromising conversations that were heard. He started recording every communication while appearing to become part of the team as he took part in the violent practice sessions and chain victories earned during tournaments.

Spending too much time undercover is known to be tough to bear on most spies, and many were known to lose sight of their mission and the interest of their country. Thus, it is not so surprising to learn that Sean Pond fell in love with the Mercy of their team, a support character tasked to heal others. The player behind Mercy identified herself as Elizabeth, and they quickly found themselves planning their wedding far from the USA.

Sadly, this idyll was not meant to last. Indeed, Jason Lorne, another spy working for the agency, was jealous to see Sean happy playing video games with his lover every day. To burn Sean’s cover, he leaked precious intel to an online forum that was hosting an Overwatch community.

The Overwatch community subsequently decided to verify the identity of all pro players, considering that the official managers failed to do it. In a surprising turn of events, the secret identity of Second Wrath’s Mercy was also exposed. Behind the mask was not an Elizabeth but Ivan Cutin, an agent in the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) tasked to recruit foreign spies into the service of Russia.

It appears that Ivan Cutin reciprocally fell for Sean Pond and they both eloped together. We have heard rumors that they met again in Fortnite, and several countries’ secret services are about to infiltrate the game in order to find them.

As to you dear reader, be careful that your gaming friends don’t turn out to be spies investigating your dangerous online activities.

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