Command & Conquer 4 will get a remaster, old team will handle it


The best episode will finally get the attention it deserved, on all platforms.

Electronic Arts reached out to Command & Conquer and Red Alert communities to ask them which game they wanted to see remastered, and the answers were surprisingly divided.

Some wanted a sequel to Generals, others to the Command & Conquer series. EA put a stop to that idea as they did not have enough budget to make a new episode.

Others wanted a remake of the older games, but then they came to the realization that open source fan-made OpenRA was already the answer to their wishes, as it made the games run well on modern systems while adding a few balance and quality of life tweaks.

Finally, the only fan-favorite game left that was ripe for a remake was the very celebrated Command & Conquer 4. An added benefit might be that the way the game was structured would be a perfect fit for console and mobile releases: players did not build bases but rather controlled one single building and a few units. Such a brilliant game can’t be redone by just anyone, so Electronic Arts reached out to former The Sims developers, knowing it would be in the right hands for the future of the C&C franchise.

Inside a report from a shareholders meeting with Andy Woody, CEO of Electronic Arts, we dug up the following quotes:

Hollywood is milking remakes, it’s a very powerful trend that reached video games. See how Activision Blizzard is making a remaster of WarCraft III! We need to do the same. Making something new is too risky, we can’t be sure whether fans will like it or not. While re-releasing something that already proved its worth, that’s genius.

Back then, how could they make games without micro-transactions and grind everywhere? No loot boxes? This makes absolutely no sense!

I like the idea of customizing the headquarters building, maybe a little pink roof.

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