Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 soon free-to-play


This was the only reasonable move not to become a surprise pay-to-pay title after release.

Call of Duty: Black 4 players recently had the pleasure to see Special Orders, the equivalent of Fortnite‘s Battle Passes, get added to the game after release. Once completed, the challenges reward cosmetics such as new outfits. The community rejoiced, as everyone loves to spend ages grinding for items that were available for free in previous titles.

On reddit, many users reacted with praise. Here are live comments from two redditors, depressedmonkey312423 and W4st3dL1f3:

My daily life is a grind. A grind through traffic, a grind through college cramming for exams, a grind through thankless jobs to earn a meager amount of money. I am very happy to spend what I have earned on more grind, as it has become a stable and reassuring part of my life.

I make money with my day job at the office, I spend money with my night job playing video games.

Activision Blizzard CEO Brallen Brotick explained that it now made perfect sense to operate a change to a free-to-play model:

We are already charging $60 for the base edition of the game, and then we have so many special editions that I don’t know myself what the difference is. Charging more for in-game cosmetics would be preposterous, even more so when they are behind a grind system. We often get accused of being greedy, but that’s just not true. We don’t even make as much money as we would expect.

Taking a free-to-play model for a full price game would be madness. Imagine if you paid for a coffee, and then you would have to become a waiter for a few hours before we charge you for milk and sugar. You’d have to be very dumb to buy our products. In the end, we decided to give the coffee for free, and only charge for sugar and milk after you wash your weight’s worth of dishes. Pretty fair, isn’t it?

Some people have asked why our COD points to buy Special Orders are so expensive. Well, our virtual goods are top quality, bred organically by local shareholders. We use premium grain to feed our shareholders, and they cost more and more over time, so it’s important that we cut fat from the content of our games. It’s for your own good. Then, the fat is gradually added back after release. That way, everybody wins. Probably.

This bold move to add microtransactions to Black Ops 4 seems to have made everyone involved happy, and new consumers will soon be able to enjoy the grind once the game becomes free-to-play. We are glad that Activision Blizzard did the right thing here, as they always do! Such a nice company.

As a final nugget, we asked Brallen Brotick for his insight about why the title is written with IIII instead of IV.

When you are finger counting, the gesture for four is four fingers raised. I have never seen anyone do this triangle thing V that you ask me about, and since IV would involve three fingers, I would think that it means three or maybe three and a half.

What do you think of adding microtransactions to a full price game?
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