Breaking news: Epic Games Store scheme exposed!


Free games are a scam.

Cybersecurity researcher Ian Malkomich from the Miskatonic University revealed the fruit of several years of thorough analysis: it seems like the Epic Games Launcher is surreptitiously mining Bitcoins while it runs, reaping money from each connected user.

According to Ian Malkomich, the reason why the Epic Games Store allows itself to give away recent games for free is that a cryptominer running in the background makes it extremely profitable to take advantage of the numerous people playing these free games. To add insult to injury, these ill-gotten gains contribute to the fortune that Epic Games spends in acquiring exclusive titles such as Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, Detroit Become Human, The Outer Worlds and many more games taken hostage, as they won’t be available on Steam at the same time.

As Electronic Arts (EA) likes to follow pro-consumer trends, the company announced that it considered doing something similar with its Origin launcher.

Imgur link to share the picture (higher resolution here)

We contacted Todd Sweeney, Epic Games CEO, asking him for comments on his abusive mining of cryptocurrencies on the back of gamers. He paid us good money not to publish his reply, which is exactly what we were needing to take a nice vacation.

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