Bethesda refutes allegations that it made Fallout 76


You got it wrong, it wasn’t Bethesda’s fault!

After Bethesda was once again wrongly blamed, this time for banning a user who played more than 900 hours and accumulated so many bullets that he triggered the anti-cheating safeguards, the company is tired of being accused of the swarm of scandals that plagued Fallout 76’s reputation. According to director and executive producer Howard Zodd, Bethesda is utterly sick of being bullied by angry player mobs for a mistake that it didn’t commit. Howard Zodd declared in an exclusive interview with The Simulation that Bethesda should not be associated with a game that they did not develop.

There have been rumors, and I insist, only rumors, that we developed Fallout 76. I might have accidentally helped spread those rumors, but I think it’s about time that we clarify something: Fallout 76 was not developed by Bethesda. Please direct your complaints towards other entities.

Fallout 76 was not developed internally, it was licensed to a firm called Lars Inc. This amateurish company is a disgrace, they released the game without waiting for approval from Bethesda’s quality control department. We are about to end our contract with Lars Inc.

Please forget the inconvenience that was Fallout 76 and buy our next games. We can guarantee the level of bug-free polish that our customers are accustomed to.

Even though Howard Zodd makes for an appealing case for Bethesda’s innocence, our journalistic investigation revealed that Lars Inc was created last week, whereas Fallout 76 was released November 14, 2018. Lars Inc is already filing for bankruptcy, and its sole employee has been seen looking for a new job in the video games industry.