New game Alien: Blackout will be a sequel to Alien: Covenant


Acclaimed scriptwriter Damon Lindelof is set to write the story.

Alien: Isolation, developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, was a critical and commercial success. The game was praised for its survival horror atmosphere, bringing back fear to a franchise that sorely missed it. Another reason for its success was that it attempted to be very close to Ridley Scott’s movie Alien, imitating the old-school screens and technology featured in the motion picture.

Visionary director Ridley Scott asserted his ownership on the Alien franchise in recent years and filmed Prometheus followed by Alien: Covenant. His new take on the franchise erased Alien 2 to 4 from canon, completely changing the development cycle of the Xenomorph. In other words: according to Ridley Scott, James Cameron’s Aliens with a queen is now fan-fiction.

20th Century Fox purchased game developers Cold Iron Studios with the aim of creating new Alien games themselves, without sharing earnings with another entity (SEGA). Their plan was to make a product as successful as Alien: Isolation by creating a game very close to the movies, considering that this formula already proved to work. As mentioned before, all movies except Ridley Scott’s have been erased from canon, so the next game had to take place in the new universe created for the franchise. An anonymous insider source told us that the future title, Alien: Blackout, will be a direct sequel to Alien: Covenant, starting right where the film ended. Michael Fassbender is set to reprise his role as David the android, and none other than Damon Lindelof will write the story of the game. We approached him with a few questions, and here are his replies:

I was chosen because I already added a sense of mystery to Alien lore in Prometheus. Thanks to me, the Xenomorph’s development cycle is no longer familiar territory. Instead, it’s a beautiful and complicated philosophical question that incorporates modern fears, such as poison and spores.

Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw wrote the first script for Alien: Blackout, and it was really good. That’s what was the basis of my new work, and I am currently adding my “special touch” to his script.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but there will finally be an explanation as to why the sky is blue on many planets: an Engineer’s eye was dilated until it exploded in terraforming nano-particles.

My dream is to write a character that is shown as a gymnastics athlete, but then later they spend the whole game tripping. And each time they trip, they will lose a finger. I think that I can only make them fall ten times like that, but if we count toes maybe I could go as high as twenty. That would be amazing. And then I will leave an important philosophical question to the player: why are they tripping like that?

Our anonymous insider source also informed us that there would be a Battle Royale mode with all players starting as spores and trying to make their way up to the food chain. David seems to be the final form, with his ultimate power “bad breath” that would instantly freeze any player in the body of a Xenomorph.

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