Activision Blizzard voted by its employees as the best company to work for in the whole world


In other news, kidnapped families returned home safely.

Each year, the American magazine Forbes conducts a satisfaction survey in the largest companies in the world. Employees in each firm grade their employer to determine the best place to work for. In order to push companies to treat their employees well, there is an incentive system: the more a company stands at the top of various rankings, the more it receives state aid. In 2019, Activision Blizzard wins big by taking the top list of the most enjoyable companies in the world. This ranking joins another prestigious list, with Activision Blizzard CEO Brallen Brotick ranked 45th among the most overpaid CEOs in the US in 2019.

Here are some quotes from happy employees:

We all noticed that Jerry from HR had bad breath, and we complained to the management. Since then, a mouthwash is mandatory for any employee entering the building in the morning. Also, there are special caretakers that patrol the office and brush our teeth while we work. Since then, we have finally been able to communicate normally with Jerry. I love working here!

What I like about Activision Blizzard is the security of the job. My situation is even more durable than that of my husband who is a civil servant, because my company has a future and vision!

It has been two months since I was last struck by  Commissioner Krunch, a wonderful man who pushes us to go beyond ourselves. The principle is simple: we are paid to work until 6 PM, but we receive fifty canes if we leave the company right away. Each additional hour removes ten canes from the sentence, which ends up only punishing lazy tourists. It is not always practical to work with both arms in a cast, but you cannot say that we do not make great efforts to release brilliant games!

hostage situation resolved activision blizzard families

Good news never comes alone: many families of employees who were held hostage by mysterious kidnappers were released shortly after the results of the survey were announced. Today must feel like a lucky day for everyone working at Activision Blizzard!

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